Cedar Point History Book

cedar point history book

Cedar Point History Book

This new Cedar Point history book by Ken Miller is so much more than a history book. Rolling Through The Years: A Cedar Point Atlas & Chronology is probably the greatest amusement park book ever written. Sure, I still love The Nickel Tour and the Marc Davis books, but Ken’s new Cedar Point book is the prototype for how a history and chronology book should be written.

cedar point history book
The Cedar Point history book measures in at 12″ X 18″.

I bought my copy online and couldn’t wait to break the spine, so to speak. I’ve visited Cedar Point twice and I had two more trips scheduled this summer, but had to cancel them. I didn’t even read the blurb on the back of the book before starting this video so I could experience it firsthand.

Rolling Through The Years: A Cedar Point Atlas & Chronology Video Preview

Why Should I Buy This Book?

Fans of Cedar Point have to add this book to their collection. Besides offering an incredible history, it is a way to experience the much loved  amusement park like never before. Amusement and theme park fans should add this book to their collection due simply to the breadth and depth of knowledge and history presented in one place. Authors like Ken need the support to create lasting works like this. Die-hard Disney fans need to visit Cedar Point. I know many will scoff at this, but there is a reason that Cedar Point has been around for 150 years.

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Visit the publisher to order a copy, and tell ’em that George sent ya!

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