Spoiler Free Review of Tomorrowland the movie

I just got back from seeing Tomorrowland at the theater with my eleven year-old. I tried to stay away from reviews before seeing the film but couldn’t miss some thoughts, especially that the movie was kind of slow. Is the movie worth seeing for Disney fans? What about Tomorrowland and young children? My son, who […]

Dollywood’s Amazing, Homemade Cinnamon Bread

Everyone knows that Disney’s worst-kept, best-kept secret is the Disney Vacation Club. The same holds true for Dollywood, in that the worst-kept, best-kept secret at Dollywood is the undeniably amazing, homemade cinnamon bread. I read about the cinnamon bread on a few theme park boards and in Michael Fridgen’s Dollywood and Beyond.  The cinnamon bread […]

Welcome to Walt Disney World Vintage Postcard

Have you seen this image from this vintage postcard before? It’s actually the photograph that was taken by a Life photographer for the opening of Walt Disney World. Welcome to Walt Disney World Vintage Postcard Cinderella Castle provides a spectacular backdrop for Mickey Mouse and a cast of thousands on the world’s largest, most exciting stage…Walt Disney […]

The Hatbox Ghost Whistle T-Shirt

With the re-introduction of the Hatbox Ghost in Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion, I thought it was great time to promote the amazing Hatbox Ghost Whistle t-shirt in the Communicore Weekly Spreadsheet store! What started as a Five Legged Goat about Big Thunder Mountain Railroad quickly turned into a Communicore Weekly running gag. Shortly after that, this […]

Can You Guys Step Aside?

Not trying to be rude, but I’d appreciate it if you guys (and gals) would step aside so I can see the maps on the wall behind you. Grabbed this photo from a 1976 article about the Walt Disney World safety Department. Dig that tie of the second guy on the left. The map at the […]

Vintage Tom Sawyer Island Disney Postcard

We’ve got a vintage postcard featuring Tom Sawyer Island! Check out the lack of growth of the vegetation surrounding the island. You can make out Fort Sam Clemens on the lefthand side of the postcard. Heading For Adventure! Guests sail aboard log rafts to Tom Sawyer Island where they’ll explore Fort Sam Clemens, visit the old […]

What’s that Building on the Hill at Dollywood?

I started researching the history of Dollywood before my recent trip and I’ve been pleasantly surprised by its rich history. (Check out the history of Dollywood we did on Communicore Weekly.) Before Dollywood became Dollywood, it started out as Rebel Railroad (1961). There were several name changes over the years before Dolly Parton joined Herschend […]

May the Fourth Be With You

Let’s celebrate May the Fourth with a look at some vintage photos of the Disney-MGM Studios and the Star Tours building. In celebration of May the Fourth (May the Force, get it?), I dusted off the photos from my first trip on Star Tours. First up is a shot of Hollywood Boulevard as it appeared many […]