Bob-A-Round Boats Sighted in Retro WDW Video

A quick shout out to the guys at Retro WDW for the amazing videos they’ve been sharing with us. In one of their more recent videos featuring the Contemporary, there’s some amazing shots of the monorail, the interior of the resort and the watercraft. Including this great shot of two parked Bob-A-Round boats. Make sure to […]

More Disney Books (A Few Biographies)

We got some more books her at Imaginerding. The Kem Weber books looks amazing.  Attention to Detail: A Look at Walt Disney World Attractions (Volume 2)I have volume 1, but I’ve not really looked at it. There are lots of photos, but they are fairly low quality, based on the printing method. Might be a really […]

Weird Walt Disney World: Wave Machine!

Dick Nunis always wanted a Wave Machine at Walt Disney World. It took a few years, but he finally got his $400,000 wave machine in the mid-1970s. Surprisingly, this image from a June 19, 1975 Eyes and Ears does exclaim that the wave machine works! Although, I do believe that is Sasquatch hanging ten. Or […]

Birdman Oscar Winner Michael Keaton at Walt Disney World

I posted some blurry screenshots from the Walt Disney World Tencennial television special that aired in 1981. Michael Crawford at Progress City, USA shared the video on his Youtube channel. I captured a few more screencaps that show a younger (31) Michael Keaton acting as a bellhop at the Contemporary Resort. A link to the video […]