Roller Coasters

Roller Coasters – George’s Coaster Credit List

The history of roller coasters is pretty interesting, especially with the emergence of coasters in American amusement parks in the 1900s and the coaster wars of the last 30 years of the 20th century.

Have you heard the term coaster credits? A lot of roller coaster fans keep track of their first rides on coasters and I’m presenting my list, mostly, in chronological order. Everyone has differing opinions on what counts as a roller coaster. Let me know what you think about my list!

Check out my video on the history of roller coasters:

UPDATE: New information has come to light about the inventor of the roller coaster:

While researchers were convinced that [John G.] Taylor’s switchback railway was never built, a photograph of it was published in Bennett W. Dorman’s “Savin Rock, An Illustrated History” (1998). A sign identified the ride as Taylor’s Patented Incline Railway, July 2, 1872, the date Taylor’s patent was issued. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the photo was from 1872. But thanks to companies digitizing various newspapers on the Internet, Victor Canfield discovered a newspaper article from the Middletown, Connecticut Daily Constitution dated August 15, 1874. It mentions several rides and attractions at West Haven’s Savin Rock including Taylor’s patented elevated railway cars. It reported that “the elevated railway carried over it last year 250,000 persons without the least accident to any one. It is absolutely safe.” This means that Taylor’s scenic railway definitely operated in 1873. Since it was obviously a popular ride, it must have operated for several additional years.

So, what we know about history can change. LaMarcus Thompson is not the inventor of the roller coaster!

Fury325 at Carowinds. Notice that Treble Clef?

Here’s my roller coaster credit list:

  1. The Bat (Kings Island)
    This is The Bat from Kings Island that existed from 1981-1983 built by Arrow Development.
  2. Loch Ness Monster (Busch Gardens Williamsburg)
  3. Big, Bad Wolf (Busch Gardens Williamsburg)
  4. Carolina Goldrusher (Carowinds)
  5. Vortex (Carowinds)
  6. Afterburn (Carowinds)
    Opened in 1999 as Top Gun and was renamed Afterburn in 2006.
  7. Ricochet (Carowinds)
  8. The Hurler (Carowinds)
  9. Carolina Cyclone (Carowinds)
  10. Thunder Road (Carowinds)
  11. Nighthawk (Carowinds)
    Rode this coaster as The Borg and Nighthawk

    The Roller Coasters of Carowinds Video

  12. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (Magic Kingdom)

  13. Space Mountain (Magic Kingdom)
  14. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (Disneyland)
  15. Matterhorn (Disneyland)
  16. Space Mountain (Disneyland)
  17. Rock and Roller Coaster (Disney’s Hollywood Studios)
  18. Primeval Whirl (Disney Animal Kingdom)
  19. Expedition Everest (Disney Animal Kingdom)
  20. Goofy’s Barnstormer (Magic Kingdom)
  21. California Screamin’ (Disney California Adventure)
  22. Flight of the Hippogriff (Islands of Adventure)
  23. Hungarian Horntail (Islands of Adventure)
  24. Chinese Fireball (Islands of Adventure)
  25. Silver Bullet (Knotts Berry Farm)
  26. Xcelerator (Knotts Berry Farm)
  27. Initmidator (Carowinds)
  28. Fury 325 (Carowinds)
  29. Wild Eagle (Dollywood)

    Mystery Mine at Dollywood
  30. Mystery Mine (Dollywood)
  31. Thunder Head (Dollywood)
  32. Firechaser Express (Dollywood)
  33. Tennessee Tornado (Dollywood)
  34. Blazing Fury (Dollywood)

    The Roller Coasters of Dollywood Video

  35. Smokey Mountain Alpine Coaster (Pigeon Forge)
  36. Dominator (Kings Dominion)
  37. Avalanche (Kings Dominion)

    Avalanche, a fantastic Mack Bobsled at Kings Dominion
  38. Volcano the Blast Coaster (Kings Dominion)
  39. Intimidator 305 (Kings Dominion)
  40. Backlot Stunt Coaster (Kings Dominion)
  41. The Hurler (Kings Dominion)
  42. Rebel Yell (Kings Dominion)
  43. Grizzly (Kings Dominion)
  44. Tempesto (Busch Gardens Williamsburg)
  45. Apollo’s Chariot (Busch Gardens Williamsburg)
  46. Alpengeist (Busch Gardens Williamsburg)
  47. Griffon (Busch Gardens Williamsburg)
  48. Verbolten (Busch Gardens Williamsburg)

    roller coasters
    The Loch Ness Monster, Alpengeist and Griffon at Busch Gardens Williamsburg
  49. Goliath (Six Flags over Georgia)
  50. Dahlonega Mine Train (Six Flags over Georgia)
  51. Superman: The Ultimate Flight (Six Flags over Georgia)
  52. Mind Bender (Six Flags over Georgia)
  53. Dare Devil Dive (Six Flags over Georgia)
  54. Carolina Cobra (Carowinds)
  55. Woodstock Express (Carowinds)
  56. Flying Ace Aerial Chase (Carowinds)
  57. White Lightning (FunSpot)
  58. Freedom Flyer (Funspot)
  59. Seven Dwarfs Mine Train (Magic Kingdom)
  60. Cheetah Hunt (Busch Gardens Tampa)
  61. Montu (Busch Gardens Tampa)
    Check out my POV from the front seat of Montu!
  62. Sand Serpent (Busch Gardens Tampa)
    Check out my POV from the front seat of Sand Serpent!
  63. Kumba (Busch Gardens Tampa)
  64. SheiKra (Busch Gardens Tampa)
  65. Rip, Ride, Rock-it (Universal)
  66. The Mummy (Universal)
  67. Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts (Universal)
  68. Lucy’s Crabbie Cabby (Carowinds)
  69. The Beast (Kings Island)
  70. Diamondback (Kings Island)
  71. Banshee (Kings Island)
  72. The Bat (Kings Island)
  73. The Racer (Kings Island)
  74. Thunderbird (Holiday World)
  75. The Voyage (Holiday World)
  76. The Legend (Holiday World)
  77. The Raven (Holiday World)
  78. Lightning Run (Kentucky Kingdom)
  79. Thunder Run (Kentucky Kingdom)
  80. T3 (Kentucky Kingdom)
  81. Valravn (Cedar Point)
  82. Blue Streak (Cedar Point)
  83. Raptor (Cedar Point)
  84. Gatekeeper (Cedar Point)
  85. Iron Dragon (Cedar Point)
  86. Rougarou (Cedar Point)
  87. Millennium Force (Cedar Point)
  88. Scorpion (Busch Gardens Tampa)
  89. Air Grover (Busch Gardens Tampa)
  90. Joker Funhouse Coaster (Six Flags over Georgia)
  91. Blue Hawk (Six Flags over Georgia)
  92. Great American Scream Machine (Six Flags over Georgia)
  93. Georgia Cyclone (Six Flags over Georgia)
  94. Georgia Scorcher (Six Flags over Georgia)
  95. Kraken (Seaworld Orlando)
  96. Mako (Seaworld Orlando)
  97. Manta (Seaworld Orlando)

    The Roller Coasters of SeaWorld Orlando Video

  98. Woody Woodpecker’s Nuthouse Coaster (Universal)
  99. The Incredible Hulk Coaster (Universal Islands of Adventure)
  100. Cobra’s Curse (Busch Gardens Tampa)
  101. Flying School (Legoland Florida)
  102. Coastersaurus (Legoland Florida)
  103. Dragon (Legoland Florida)
  104. Lightning Rod (Dollywood)
  105. Gatlinburg Alpine Coaster (Gatlinburg)
  106. Exterminator (Kennywood)
  107. Phantom’s Revenge (Kennywood)
  108. Jack Rabbit (Kennywood)
  109. Racer (Kennywood)
  110. Sky Rocket (Kennywood)
  111. Thunderbolt (Kennywood)

    The Roller Coasters of Kennywood Video

  112. Ravine Flyer II (Waldameer)
  113. Steel Dragon (Waldameer)
  114. Magnum XL-200 (Cedar Point)
  115. Cedar Creek Mine Ride (Cedar Point)
  116. Maverick  (Cedar Point)
  117. Top Thrill Dragster  (Cedar Point)
  118. Gemini  (Cedar Point)
  119. Corkscrew  (Cedar Point)
  120. Whistle Punk Chaser (Dollywood)
  121. Rockstar Coaster (Fun Spot Kissimmee)
  122. Mine Blower (Fun Spot Kissimmee)
  123. Crazy 8 (IAAPA)
  124. Flying Turns (Knoebels)
  125. Phoenix (Knoebels)
  126. Impulse (Knoebels)
  127. Twister (Knoebels)
  128. Fahrenheit (Hersheypark)
  129. Great Bear (Hersheypark)
  130. Laff Trakk  (Hersheypark)
  131. Lightning Racer Lightning (Hersheypark)
  132. Lightning Racer Thunder (Hersheypark)
  133. Wild Cat (Hersheypark)
  134. Wild Mouse (Hersheypark)
  135. Storm Runner (Hersheypark)
  136. Trailblazer (Hersheypark)
  137. superdooperLooper (Hersheypark)
  138. Skyrush (Hersheypark)
  139. The Comet (Hersheypark)
  140. Slinky Dog Dash (Disney’s Hollywood Studios)
  141. Journey to Atlantis (SeaWorld Orlando)
  142. Twisted Cyclone (Six Flagsover Georgia)
  143. Twisted Colossus (Six Flags Magic Mountain)
  144. Full Throttle (Six Flags Magic Mountain)
  145. Ghost Rider (Knott’s Berry Farm)
  146. Pony Express (Knott’s Berry Farm)
  147. Sierra Sidewinder (Knott’s Berry Farm)
  148. Montezooma’s Revenge (Knott’s Berry Farm)

    The Roller Coasters of Knott’s Berry Farm

  149. Jaguar (Knott’s Berry Farm)
  150. Coast Rider (Knott’s Berry Farm)
  151. Hang Time (Knott’s Berry Farm)
  152. X2 (Six Flags Magic Mountain)
  153. Ninja (Six Flags Magic Mountain)
  154. Superman: Escape from Krypton (Six Flags Magic Mountain)
  155. Goldrusher (Six Flags Magic Mountain)
  156. Riddler’s Revenge (Six Flags Magic Mountain)
  157. Batman: the Ride (Six Flags Magic Mountain)
  158. Goliath (Six Flags Magic Mountain)

    The Roller Coasters of Six Flags Magic Mountain

  159. Scream (Six Flags Magic Mountain)
  160. Road Runner Express (Six Flags Magic Mountain)
  161. Canyon Blasters (Six Flags Magic Mountain)
  162. Speedy Gonzalez Hot Rod Racers (Six Flags Magic Mountain)
  163. Tatsu (Six Flags Magic Mountain)
  164. The New Revolution (Six Flags Magic Mountain)
  165. Vioer (Six Flags Magic Mountain)
  166. Tigris (Busch Gardens Tampa)
  167. Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventures (Islands of Adventure)
  168. Velocicoaster (Islands of Adventure)
  169. Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind (Epcot)
  170. Copperhead Strike (Carowinds)
  171. Iron Gwazi (Busch Gardens Tampa)
  172. Sea Dragon (Columbus Zoo & Aquarium)
  173. Flight of Fear (Kings Island)
  174. Orion (Kings Island)
  175. Mystic Timbers (Kings Island)
  176. Woodstock Express (Kings Island)
  177. Inverting (Kings Island)
  178. Adventure Express (Kings Island)
  179. Flying ace Aerial Chase (Kings Island)
  180. Backlot Stunt Coaster (Kings Island)

    The Roller Coasters of Cedar Point Video

By far, my favorite coasters are hyper- and giga-coasters from Bolliger & Mabillard. I’m also extremely fond of wooden coasters by Great Coasters Int. and The Gravity Group. I always get asked what my favorite coasters are and that changes somewhat, based on my mood. Do I want airtime? Banked turns? Power? That makes the decision difficult, like picking your favorite child.

How many roller coasters have you ridden?