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Did you come here to learn more about ImagiNERDing? Surprisingly, my Twitter bio is pretty darn accurate:

Will work for coasters! Coaster Count: 168. Disney & theme park books: 1400+. Author, historian, Youtuber, writer, librarian, blogger and awkwardly extroverted.

140 characters can really cause you to be succinct.

Author and Historian

In 2021, I co-wrote the Walt Disney World Encyclopedia: Vol,. 1 Magic Kingdom with noted historian and columnist, Kevin Yee.

This was a book that was years in the making and offers over 400 entries about the Magic Kingdom.


I started a channel many years ago and post videos about Disney books, Disney history, and amusement park history.


I’ve been writing about the Disney Company since 2007. From 2011-2013, I wrote two weekly columns at Mice Chat that focused on Walt Disney World history and reviews (books, movies and more). Mice Chat is one of the world’s largest fan-based websites about Disney and I was able to showcase my nerdy knowledge to a large audience.

I’ve also branched out into other realms of themed entertainment by covering regional parks, like Dollywood and Carowinds.

I was one of the two co-hosts for Communicore Weekly (the Greatest Online Show™), an award-winning podcast dedicated to Disney and theme park history, Disney books, Five Legged Goats, Disney bathrooms and so much more!


I am a librarian in real life. I’ve been working in public libraries since 1987 and I’ve been managing libraries since 1998. Of course, being a librarian fuels my book obsession.

I’m an avid book collector with over 1400 Disney and theme park books in my personal collection. I bought my first Disney park-related book in 1994 while at the Magic Kingdom and I’ve collected everything I can get my hands on since then. My specialty is Walt Disney World history, but I will collect (and read) books on amusement parks, Disney social discourse, biographies, animation and most anything with a connection to Disney.

Check out my list of books about Walt Disney World history!

On the PeopleMover in 2007 with my youngest son.


Yeah, I blog. Mostly I touch on Disney books through reviews at ImagiNERDing. I also share posts about theme park visits and amusement park history. Really, whatever triggers an interest.

prince-bathroom-2001-about imaginerding
Hanging out with my my brothers, oldest son and father at the former Prince restrooms at the Magic Kingdom in 2001.

ImagiNERDing Social Media

In 2018, I accepted a position in the Central Florida area, which means I am an annual pass holder to Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando, SeaWorld, and Busch Gardens Tampa. I like to post images from the parks, no matter how bad my photography skills are!

If you want to learn more about ImagiNERDing, just ask! Email me at [email protected].

2 thoughts on “About ImagiNERDing

  1. Hello – We have similar interests in Disney. I’ve been going to Disney since their first year of operation (7/4/72). We stayed at The Contemporary Hotel. We swam in the water out back when
    the wave machine was working. I also am a collector of Disney items. I have every Eyes and Ears from the beginning , most Disneyland line , En Coulisse , Disneyland Tokyo newsletters. I also have the department newsletters when each department had one. The bus drivers , food prep , and boat captains (Eyes & Oars) each had newsletters. I’ve have been photographing and video recording for most of those years. First with VHS recorder and separate camera (a pain) , next with a VHS camcorder , then VHS-C camcorder , 8mm , Hi 8 , digital 8 , and finally my first HD recorder (Sony HD-SR1). With over 100,000 photos and over 12,000 hours of video there is quite a lot. I am currently digitizing all of my pre 2007 videos. Six different cameras and tons of cassettes.
    My book collection is not as large as yours but over 500 books. I am currently thinking of setting up a website with some of my Disney videos. Monorails being towed backwards for repairs , Space Mountain all lit up with people being escorted off the ride onto the catwalks , a walk from the top of Spaceship Earth down the castmembers walkway , and others. I’ve posted a few youtube videos and have done videos for performers at Epcot (Margret Almer and Bodh’akton to name a few.) Currently working on a Raffy video for her. Check out my videos on youtube WDW 4-8-12 (Easter with the Azalea Trailmaids) and My Favorite Hidden Mickey (wiped out by the loading area for Soarin’. We leave for WDW tomorrow and staying at the Poly. In November we stay at The Swan and every December we stay at The Grand Floridian.
    Hope to see you there. I’ll grill you about how to set up a website:)

  2. Thank you for sharing information about your self. I to am obsessed with Disney theme parks and all amusement parks in general. I hope to someday design dark rides. I really enjoy learning about old attractions that don”t exist anymore. I enjoy reading this blog a lot and highly recommend it.
    So don’t stop writing this blog.

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