Main Street Attractions Posters

Main Street Attractions Posters

As you enter the Magic Kingdom and pass under one of the two tunnels into Town Square, you pass by several coming soon attraction posters. Designed like lobby posters in movie theaters, these Main Street attractions posters afford a glimpse into your day at the Magic Kingdom.

Sadly, not all of the posters photograph well due to the reflections.

WedWAY PeopleMover

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Casey’s Corner

It is great to see a Main Street attractions poster featuring a quick-service eatery.

Crystal Palace

Again, it’s great to see a poster for a restaurant, especially one of the opening day restaurants of the Magic Kingdom. The Crystal Palace does a beautiful job of transitioning between Main Street and Adventureland.

Disney Enchantment

Disney Enchantment really disappointed me. It seemed to miss so much of the magic of Happily Ever After, which is  hard act to follow.

The Hall of Presidents

hall of presidents main street attractions posters

Sunshine Tree Terrace

little orange bird sunshine terrace main street attractions posters

The home of the Orange Bird in Adventureland gets it’s own attraction poster! (Check out my book review of the Little Orange Bird Little Golden Book.)

Under the Sea: Journey of the Little Mermaid

under the sea journey of the little mermaid main street attractions posters

Walt Disney World Monorail System

Sadly, the monorail poster was another difficult one to get a phot of.

Walt Disney World Railroad

main street attraction posters

The Walt Disney World Railroad attraction posters harkens back to the designs used in the original Disneyland attraction posters.

Poster Art of the Disney Parks Book Review

Check out my book review of the Poster Art of Disney Parks! (It looks like Disney Editions is releasing a second edition in October, 2022.)

Which is your favorite of the Main Street attractions posters?

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