Skiing with Goofy, Tigger and Pluto

Pluto, Tigger and Goofy skiing at Walt Disney World in 1999.
Walt Disney World has offered various forms of entertainment on Seven Seas Lagoon since opening in 1971. Let’s take a closer look at the Magic Kingdom Entertainment Character Ski Team from a 1999 Eyes and Ears.

Pluto, Tigger and Goofy skiing at Walt Disney World in 1999.

Who wouldn’t love to see this from the ferryboat as you made your way to the Magic Kingdom early in the morning? Besides, how often do you get to see Tigger in a cowboy hat and Goofy wearing a rain poncho?

The Magic Kingdom Entertainment Department goes above and beyond for guests each summer by featuring the Magic Kingdom Entertainment Character Ski Team

This team splashes its way around the Seven Seas Lagoon for 10 weeks each summer. In the mornings, guests traveling to the Magic Kingdom Park on ferryboats are surprised to see either Goofy, his son Max, Pluto or Tigger skiing by their ferryboat.

“This is where the characters live and play, and that gives [guests] an opportunity to see them,” said Toby Williams, coordinator for the Character Ski Team.

In the afternoon, the team shows up on the shores of Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa, Disney’s Wilderness Lodge, Disney’s Contemporary Resort and Disney’s Polynesian Resort. They swim and interact with guests at the resort.

“For many guests, it’s the first time they see a character once they get on property,” said Celina Uribe, a Magic Kingdom Entertainment manager.

This team of characters swims in pools, swishes down slides and even shows young guests simple swimming techniques.

When they’re skiing on the water, the team surprises hundreds of guests daily with wake jumps, helicopters and other tricks, such as skiing backward and sitting down on their skis.

The ski team recently ended its summer session for 1999. Cast Members should look for the team to begin entertaining and amazing guests on the Seven Seas Lagoon next summer.

“It’s the only place to see them doing this in the world,” Toby said.

Ryan at the Main Street Gazette has dug up some more tantalizing information about earlier ski shows in Walt Disney World’s history.

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