Walt Disney World Poster Set from 1972!

Walt Disney World Poster Set from 1972!

The Winter 1972/1973 Disney News magazine has a special insert called Walt Disney’s Magic Kingdom Club Family Shopper, which offered some amazing products for your family for Christmas.

advertisement for the walt disney's magic kingdom club holiday shopping guide
…a special shopping section devoted to unique merchandise and extra values. Something Special…exclusively for Magic Kingdom Club families.

a collage of all six walt disney world posters from 1972

Walt Disney World Poster Set. Another Magic Kingdom Club exclusive! This set of original Walt Disney World posters can now bring all the beauty of this vacation resort into your own home. Printed exactly as they appear in the Contemporary Resort Hotel, these 19″x 26″ prints will make an attractive addition for any den, play room, or family room. Family Shopper Price . . . $7.50 a set.

When you consider the cost of inflation, the price of the poster set in 2020 would be $45.00.

Let’s take a closer look at each of the six posters that hung in the Contemporary Resort in 1971 and 1972.

poster for the Top of the World at the Contemporary Resort at Disney World

Top of the World
Contemporary Resort Towers
Sheila McRae Sings
Dinner Dancing on the 15th Floor
Five dollar cover charge
Reservations / 824-1000

So, who was Sheila McRae? She was an actress and singer who worked mostly in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s. She would have been familiar to audiences from her roles on The Jackie Gleason Show and General Hospital.

advertisement from the ski show at the polynesian village beach

Ski Show
at the Polynesian Village Beach
Friday thru Monday Only 2, 4 & 7 P.M.
Trick Skiing, Jumps and Kite Flying…Donald,
Goofy, Pluto and Peter Pan on Water Skis

Character skiing on Seven Seas Lagoon has been in operation for most of Walt Disney Word’s history. Although, I haven’t seen many images of Peter Pan skiing. Have you?

luau cocktails south sea fest & exotic show at the polynesian village advertisement

Cocktails, South Seas Fest & Exotic Show
Polynesian Village
On the Beach

poster for the walt disney world golf championship

You are invited to participate in the WALT DISNEY WORLD Golf Championship
Two $5,000 Celebrity Pro-Am Tournaments
November 29, 1972
$150,000 Pro Tournament
November 30-December 3, 1972
Ask fir Information

Golf has always been a driving force behind the construction and development of Walt Disney World. The executives at Disney were major golfers and spent many hours at Disney’s Golf Resort partaking in the sport.

poster from 1972 featuring the magic kingdom operating hours and Main street USA

Magic Kingdom Hours
8a.m. to Midnight

Main Street
Character Parades
2p.m. and 8p.m. Daily

What an interesting poster promoting the hours of the Magic Kingdom. I’m confused by the hours listed (8a.m. to Midnight), since even during the first few years, the Magic Kingdom’s hours would vary. Holiday and summer hours were often 8a.m. or 9a.m. until Midnight, while weekday hours were typically from 9a.m. to 6p.m. Maybe this poster was changed daily? That makes sense to have an easily changeable poster that would promote the daily hours the Magic Kingdom.

It’s also adorable to see the two women peering rather surreptitiously down Main Street.

Fort Wilderness Campground Trail Riding Daily and Nightly Campfires poster

Fort Wilderness Campground
Trail Riding Daily
Nightly Campfires
For Information “Touch 1”

The Fort Wilderness poster is the most intriguing reference to the Vacation Kingdom of the World from this set. Guests and potential visitors would have early associations with Cinderella Castle, the Polynesian, the Contemporary, or, even, golf, in relation to Disney World. But Fort Wilderness was still a new and evolving experience for the time.

The poster displays three people with horses as they navigate a scrub trail. The image seems blurry, at first, until you realize the photographer has placed a pine tree in front of the subject. The focus is still on the people, but it makes you feel as if you are hiding behind the trees and you’re spying on the riders.

Strange, eh?

Do You Remember Seeing These Posters? Did You Own Any of Them?

Looking for a great book on the first decade of Walt Disney World?

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  1. I have this Walt Disney World Poster Set from 1972 from the Contemporary Resort Hotel. I worked at the hotel and was on duty the morning this set was replaced. They were usually tossed.

    Any idea as to their value?

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