Leasing the Treehouse Villas at Disney World

image of the treehouse villas at disney

Disney History: Leasing the Treehouse Villas at Disney World

Since their construction in 1975, The Treehouse Villas at Walt Disney World have fascinated guests and visitors. Nestled in the trees, the villas offer a tantalizing view from the boats plying the Sassagoula. But not many people know that the Treehouse Villas were part of the original design for EPCOTCenter.

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The Treehouse Villas have seen many changes throughout the years, including being used for students from the International Program for parts of the 1990s and early 2000s. They reopened in 2009 as part of the Disney Vacation Club at Saratoga Springs Resort.

Did You Ever Stay at the Treehouse Villas?

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