An Early Visit to Walt Disney World

Let’s look at another anecdote from Bill Justice—this time Bill shares his first trip to Walt Disney World.

I’d been wondering how Walt Disney World was progressing, but had been too busy with Disneyland attractions to check. My chance finally came in 1969. Twelve of us flew to Florida to inspect the property. We were driven around in jeeps, then taken two at a time by helicopter to get an overview.

Jeep tour of Walt Disney World escorted by thousands of bugs.


I have several distinct memories from this trip. The first was size. Walt had said he’d gotten us plenty of land for our dreams and he was right. The place was immense – around the same acreage as the city of San Francisco. The second memory was bugs. Everywhere we went thousands of little creatures swarmed around us. They made our visit miserable. Third was a sense of isolation. There was almost no development in the area. Interstate 4 was practically a country road. The only sign of life was one of the symbols of the rural South – a Stuckey’s Pecan Shoppe.

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