Walt Disney World’s Casual Temporary Cast Member

Ran across this in a mi-1970s Eyes and Ears about one of Walt Disney World’s Casual Temporary cast members that works the shortest time period every year! Read on to see who this person might be.


Most of our Casual Temporary cast members work during our summer season and occasionally at our other holiday periods. But we have one Casual Temporary cast member who only works during Christmas. Kris Kringle, better known as Santa Claus, and who also goes under the alias of St. Nicholas, leaves his home in the North Pole every winter to help the children who are visiting Walt Disney World celebrate Christmas. Kris says the only major draw-back in working for us each Christmas season is that it’s very difficult to manuever his sleigh around without snow. But modern science has worked wonders, and his sleigh normally winds its way along our parade route without much trouble. Kris doesn’t help us during the summer months because he needs to be home to supervise the elves who help him prepare for Christmas Eve deliver. We’ve really helped Kris out though, we never plan on a Christmas Eve parade, so he doesn’t have any conflicts with his schedule for that one evening. By the way, Kris wanted to extend his best wishes to all our cast members, and his hopes that they will have a Very Merry Christmas!


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