HersheyPark Images of America Book

HersheyPark Images of America Book

HersheyPark is a well-loved amusement park that has existed since 1906 when Milton S. Hershey opened the park as an amenity for the workers and residents of the town that supported his chocolate factory. Through the years, the park has grown into a world-class amusement park with amazing roller coasters and rides. One thing that has not changed is the tie to the chocolate company or the area. The HersheyPark Images of America book (released in 2006) is a wonderful overview of the park through narrative and historic photographs.

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More cars should come with bumpers like these.

The book includes more than 100 photographs of HersheyPark through the years and deftly tells the history of the park through well-researched and well-written text. The author, Pamela Cassidy Whitenack is an archivist in the Hershey Community Archives and is versed in all aspects of the history of the park, town, and company.

Remove Your Rose-Colored Mouse Ears!

Over the years, I spoken to many die-hard Disney fans who refuse to visit non-Disney parks. I always extol the virtue of experiencing other local and regional parks to gain a better understanding of how amusement parks evolved and the different offerings. In Pennsylvania, alone, you have HersheyPark, Knoebels, Kennywood, Waldameer, Dorney Park, and so many others, that showcase the history of amusement parks. Enough proselytizing.

Who doesn’t love the Wildcat?

The book has so many wonderful photos and it’s a great place to start learning about the history of HersheyPark. The Images of America titles are very accessible and often tell an abbreviated history of the park, including the major milestones. The authors scour archives and family photos to share images that captivate and inspire nostalgia. I always recommend the Images of America titles.

On a side note, anyone who studies Milton S. Hershey’s life will find many similarities between Hershey and Walt Disney. Both men had a vision that was relentless and created legacies that will continue for centuries.

Have You Visited HersheyPark? What’s Your Favorite Regional Park?

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