Montu POV at Busch Gardens Tampa

montu pov

Montu POV at Busch Gardens Tampa

Check out my Montu POV¬†(point-of-view)¬†footage from the Busch Gardens TampaSeaWorld Coaster Crusade day. The parks celebrated National Roller Coaster Day with a tour to ride all of the coasters at both parks in Tampa and Orlando. It was an amazing event and I can’t wait to see if they do it again next year!


The Montu POV was shot on a GoPro Hero 4 in 1080 from the middle front seat of the Bolliger & Mabillard inverted roller coaster. Special thanks to MrCoaster1 (on YouTube) for letting me borrow his GoPro.

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Have you had a chance to ride Montu at Busch Gardens Tampa?

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