Disney Springs Details – Apartments

Disney Springs Details: Apartments

Disney has always been in the details and the Disney Springs details are worth the time and effort to find them. I visted Disney Springs for a few hours during my trip to Central Florida for the Coaster Crusade by Busch Gardens Tampa and SeaWorld. It was my first visit to Disney Springs since last November (2015) and the changes were amazing. I ran across so many great little details—kudos to the Imagineering team for pulling this off so well.

As you walk thought the Town Center area of Disney Springs, you’ll notice so many extra details that simply have no need to be there. These are details that add so much to the overall charm of the shopping and dining complex. The Disney Springs details seemed to be everywhere. Let’s focus on a hidden detail located between the Zara entrance and the arcade that leads to the (under construction) Planet Hollywood Observatory.

Disney Springs Details: A Five Legged Goat

disney springs details

You’ll notice this nice little scene of a stairway with a wrought-iron handrail and tiled steps. It’s obviously a castmember area and leads to offices on the second floor. But the Imagineers and artists of Disney took it a step further and added a few details, or Five Legged Goats. Check out the little mailboxes on the righthand side of the image above.


Although there aren’t any tributes to anyone on the mailboxes for the two apartments, they are numbered: Apt. 1A and Apt. 2A. The detail wasn’t needed but adds a lot to the area.

disney springs details

There really is some gorgeous tile work on those stairs. There’s also a nice little tableaux on the second floor landing for the upstairs apartment.


Numbered 1A is the downstairs apartment, with a very ornate knocker and tile address plate.

disney springs details

It’s really a great way to dress up something that would otherwise be completely utilitarian. There was no need to add the theming, but the details really make the area stand out wonderfully.

Disney Springs Details: A Few Thoughts

I’ve heard  criticism of the Disney Springs area that it’s simply an upscale outlet mall. In one sense it is, but I happily wandered around the area for several hours; I was completely blown away by the beauty and the attention to detail. It’s a wonderful change and the redesign makes a lot of sense. Disney Springs is a step above anything that had been done with the previous iterations of the Disney Village/Marketplace. To me, it was much nicer than the Downtown Disney area at Disneyland Resort. Honestly, Disney Springs is an area that I would love to see as a gateway between the Magic Kingdom and Epcot.

I got lost, just like I do at New Orleans Square at Disneyland. Granted, it doesn’t have the same sense of history as New Orleans Square, but it represents what a themed environment should be.


Have you had the chance to check out some of the Disney Springs details?

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