Splash Mountain Laughing Gasous

Revitalizing a post from 2007, we take a look at one of the hidden gags from Splash Mountain that most people Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah on by!

Everyone stops at Splashdown Photos to see the their ride photo after being tossed down Chickapin’ Hill into the briar patch. While most people rush by to get to their next attraction, we took a few moments to stop, look around and savor the details. I was amazed at the intricate theming that took place in the Splashdown Photos area. Most people would have just seen a cattle line with slightly wet people waiting to pick up their picture.

The walls are covered with odes to the art of photograph developing. There are bottles of glycin, bicarbonite of soda, developer fixitive fluid, potassium bromide, photographic paper and old cameras. Of course, there were also some books scattered throughout the shelves. Unfortunately, the books didn’t lead to any in-jokes or hidden references.

We found this bottle on the shelf. It seemed an obvious reference to the attraction and a rather tongue-in-cheek reference, at that!

The label reads:

He He


Everyone needs a laughing place, even if it takes a laughing gas, right?

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