Vintage Walt Disney World

Vintage Walt Disney World Images from 1971 or 1972

A friend of mine let me borrow his Walt Disney World scrapbook to scan some photos of their 1984 trip where they stayed at the Village Marketplace Club Lake Villas (now Saratoga Springs).

 I was thrilled to see that the first couple of photographs were from his parents first trip in 1971 or 1972. They are some great shots of the Magic kingdom, especially of areas that you don’t see photographs of very often.


Tinkerbell Toy Shop in Fantasyland.

This is the side entrance to The Chapeau. The address is 102.

The former West Street in front of the Greenhouse. (This area was converted as part of the 2001 expansion of the Emporium.)


I believe the last two shots were taken outside of the courtyard that eventually led to the cinema showing the Walt Disney Story. If the photos are pre-1973, then they are in the same courtyard, just no Walt Disney Story, yet. It is to the right of the Gulf Hospitality House (now the Exposition Hall). Before the Walt Disney Story, the Hospitality House was used for dining and hotel reservations.


Which one is your favorite vintage photo from the Magic Kingdom?

5 thoughts on “Vintage Walt Disney World

  1. One of the amazing things to me about old WDW photos is the general lack of crowds. Can you imagine taking a picture like those anywhere in today without getting anybody else in them?

  2. I bet you if we look carefully in September we can find at least one of those chairs and *probably* that bench. They’ll be painted green and they may not be those exact ones, but they’ll have been bought by the company for WDW all in a set.

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