Daily Figment 155: Theming is Everywhere!

Theming is everywhere at Walt Disney World.

Take this sign in the picture below, for instance. No, it isn’t announcing the new ejector ride behind Big Thunder Mountain; It is letting guests know that they will need to be able to transfer from a wheelchair to the ride vehicle–usually without cast member assistance. What’s so special? Check the theming!

Being that we are in Monument Valley, Utah, we tend to see visual clues, such as: cacti, rocks, and ramshackle buildings–all in hues of light brown, tan, gray and light green. Big Thunder Mountain was a mine at one point–so it is safe to assume that there is mining paraphernalia left around. The handicap access sign is made from an old skillet. Probably one that had been lying around.

So, the Imagineers could have simply put up a nice wooden sign with the same symbol on it. But then, they wouldn’t Imagineers, would they?

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