Disney The Orange Bird Little Golden Book

Disney The Orange Bird Little Golden Book

Pandering fully to nostalgia, Disney tapped Imagineer Jason Grand and artist Scott Tilley to create an adorable book about the Orange Bird. Our favorite Orange Bird joins many other Disney theme park icons, like the Jungle Cruise, the Haunted Mansion, and Space Mountain in the Little Golden Book format.

disney the orange bird little golden book

You do know about the Orange Bird, right? The Orange Bird was an original character created for the Magic Kingdom for the Florida Citrus Commission. The Orange Bird resided in the Sunshine Tree at the Sunshine Tree Terrace, and flew away in the mid 1980s and returned in the early 2010s.

So, what’s this Orange Bird book about?

Orange Bird Book Video

What Do You Think About the Little Golden Book?

I do appreciate the hidden references that Jason and Scott added to the title. I would love to see a full-sized print of the Florida map from the book.

title orange bird mural at disney springs
Have you seen the Orange Bird mural at Disney Springs?

Are you a fan of the Orange Bird? Is this a book you’re going to pick up?

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