Jungle Cruise Life Preservers

jungle cruise life preservers

Jungle Cruise Life Preservers

The Jungle Cruise at the Magic Kingdom had updates recently. One often overlooked area by visitors is the queue, which has tons of hidden details and references. One section, along the wall of the extended queue has five life preservers with nods to the Jungle Cruise history.

jungle cruise life preservers
This slightly blurry photo was taken during a brief moment without guests in front of it.

Garland Gertie

garland gertie

Garland Gertie – Inaugural Jungle Cruise 1935

Congo Connie

Congo Connie

Congo Connie – Over Schweitzer Fall 1933

Bomokandi Bertha

bomokandi bertha

Bomokandi Bertha – First Underwater Excursion 1937

Molopi Marie

molokai marie jungle cruise queue updates

Molopi Marie – Alberta’s First Solo Trip Up the Ganges 1927

Wamba Wanda

samba wanda jungle crise queue updates

Wamba Wanda – 5 4 3 2 Time Jungle Bote Race Champion!

These clever life preservers weren’t the only update to the queue, but they help tell the story of our intrepid skippers and their time on the Jungle Cruise.

What’s your favorite part of the Jungle Cruise queue?

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