1983 Disney World Pictorial Souvenir Book

1983 Disney World Pictorial Souvenir Book

What better way to while away the moments than leafing thought the pages of a vintage Walt Disney World Souvenir Guidebook?

Disney produced a massive amount of guidebooks, souvenir guides and retrospective books about Disneyland, yet struggled to properly convey what the Vacation Kingdom of the World was really about. With publishing plenty of titles in the 1970s, they still focused on trying get the idea of Walt Disney World across. How do you promote 43 square miles? Especially during pre-internet times?

1983 Walt Disney World Pictorial Souvenir Video Review

Disney found themselves promoting two theme parks, three hotels, a campground, and various recreation activities in a 36-38 page book. That doesn’t leave a lot of room for details, but does show what Disney felt was important about the Central Florida resort.

I still think of how many kids bought these books at the Emporium on Main Street or at their hotels as their souvenir from the family vacation. And then they spent hours just being mesmerized by the photos and brief text. Just a way to relive a past vacation and dream of the next one.

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