Epcot Experience Attraction Posters

Epcot Experience Attraction Posters

Have you visited the Epcot Experience at the Odyssey Festival Center? (Check out my video, here.)

Part of the experience included the hallway surrounding the 360 degree theater. On the outside wall, there are attraction posters and a large-format map of the proposed future of Epcot.

Let’s take a look at the different Epcot attraction posters that were created for the Epcot Experience.

various ephor experience attraction posters on the wall

The first grouping of posters consists a a future attraction (Mary Poppins), four current attractions or countries (China, France, The American Adventure and the United Kingdom), and three extinct attractions (the Universe of Energy, the Wonders of Life and Maelstrom).

The rest of the posters are along the curved wall, opposite of the Epcot Center mural.

Epcot Experience Attraction Posters

Above is a poster for the Germany Pavilion and the future Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure. I hope that Remy’s is an engaging and repeatable family experience.

The next posters feature The Canada and Germany Pavilions. What do you think about the proposed changes to the Circle Vision film in Canada?

The Mexico Pavilion poster pays homage to Coco while the Norway poster is more about the pavilion and less about Frozen.

The Soarin’ Around the World attraction poster shares some of the iconic locations that you visit while the Morocco poster encourages you to spend some time shopping.

The Italy Pavilion focuses on the architecture and the juggler.

World Celebration is a future attraction. There hasn’t been much published about the new attraction that is taking over the former Communicore West building in Future World. It is purported to be a three-story festival center with some unique architecture. The Land Pavilion poster has a very classic EPCOT Center feel and features details from Listen to the Land. Er, Living With the Land.

moana journey of water world celebration epcot experience attraction posters

A Closer view of the World Celebration poster and the Journey of Water area for Moana.

A stunning poster featuring the World of Motion.  This might be one of my favorite posters from the exhibit. The World of Motion was a gargantuan animatronic-based ride that offered some incredibly rich and enormous show scenes. There is also the Turtle Talk with Crush poster.

The Japan Pavilion poster features the taiko drummers (Matsuriza) and the pagoda framed by fireworks. The Seas with Nemo and Friends poster is eye-catching and I love that the clam-mobiles are featured in the design.

communicate epcot experience attraction posters

I’m conflicted on the presentation of the extinct pavilions. Nostalgia is a wonderful thing, but Disney ignored its past for so many years, that it feels like pandering. Still, the Communicore poster really does a great job of encapsulating the two buildings that carried one of the true messages about EPCOT Center.

There has been a lot of flack about adding a thrill ride featuring Marvel characters, but if it is half as amazing as Mission Breakout at Disney California Adventure, then we are in for a fantastic attraction. Based on the poster for Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind, the ride vehicle might be similar to the ones in Spaceship Earth…or Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts.

gran fiesta tour epcot experience attraction posters

Who doesn’t love Donald, Jose and Panchito? With the previous Mexico Pavilion poster featuring Coco, there’s the rumor that the Gran Fiesta Tour will be replaced by Coco. What do you think?

Despite the ridiculous wand hand, the Millennium Celebration was pretty magical. I love that the large puppets were incorporated into the poster.

space 220 world of motion epcot experience attraction posters

I haven’t heard much about the Space 220 Restaurant, except that it is supposed to make you feel like you are rotating 220 miles above the earth. Hydrolators, anyone? And another image of the wonderful World of Motion poster.

spaceship earth epcot experience attraction posters

The Spaceship Earth: Our Shared Story poster surprised me. The Our shared Story subtitle gives us a clue about the future of the attraction, yet the vehicles are the same.

No, this isn’t the old EPCOT Center poster…check out the tag line: On the Brink of a New Age October 1, 2019. I do love that it harkens back to the original EPCOT Center poster.

epcot experience attraction posters

One of the last sets (or first, depending on which way you turn) shares a different grouping of posters. The extinct attractions features are: Illuminations and Kitchen Kabaret. The current attractions are: Test Track; Mission Space; and Frozen ever after. The future attraction posters are: Imagination; HarmonioUS; and PLAY!

What Do You Think About the EPCOT Experience Attraction Posters?

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