The Imagineering Pyramid by Louis Prosperi Book Review

imagineering pyramid

The Imagineering Pyramid by Louis Prosperi, a Book Review

Wonder how the Imagineers design all of the amazing Disney attractions and resorts? Do you want to add creativity to your life and work?

Louis Prosperi is fascinated with the Disney Imagineers and the creative process. (Trust me, I’ve known him for years and he is as nerdy as me.) With his book, The Imagineering Pyramid, Lou takes his passion for Disney, mixes in his quest for creativity and creates a manual for developing and manging the creative flow. Lou takes us inside the world of imagineering and breaks down the creative process. He presents it in a way so we can use the same tools that Imagineers use to create the Disney magic we all love.

imagineering pyramid

The Imagineering Pyramid is the first volume in the Imagineering Toolbox series. With the release of the second volume in the series, The Imagineering Process, I thought it would be a good time to re-visit the first book and offer a review (also, I realized that I never reviewed the first book – the review of the second volume will come soon).

The Imagineering Pyramid – What About Creativity?

Creativity is a big topic in the business world. It’s also something which many of us strive for in our personal lives. In the Imagineering Pyramid, Lou leads us through the process of adding creativity to our lives and work by understanding how the Imagineers create the magic of Disney theme parks. Through decades of research, Lou has scoured books and articles about imagineering and creativity. He translates that work into the fifteen principles which sets the imagineers apart from other creative industries. In the book, he offers concrete examples of how Disney puts the steps into practice. Lou demonstrates how we can, as well.

The Imagineering Pyramid surprised me on a few levels. The big surprise was how much I used the building blocks of the book without knowing it. Years of reading about Disney (some say obsessing over) allowed me to internalize without realizing it. Lou’s book solidified the concepts in my mind and reinforced the concepts on a grander scale. There were also many examples, which helped to ground the book in the real world. The book is not an academic treatise; it’s something you can apply and use often.

Lou submerged himself in the literature (trust me, I know every resource he listed) to pull out every detail. He created a workflow that made sense with most any creative endeavor even if it’s as simple as making a presentation! The Imagineering Pyramid is a resource you will use if you’re writing a blog post, working on a YouTube video or a corporate budget. The book also offers insight into managing the creative workflow for supervisors.

The Imagineering Pyramid – Why Should I Read This Book?

Reading The Imagineering Pyramid won’t make you an imagineer, but it will help you understand the creative process. The book will start you on your creative journey and you will think and feel creatively in your life and work. You will use these principles every day!

Fans of imagineering will love Lou’s approach, but the real treat is his bibliography and all of the resources he’s listed. If you can add these books to your library, you will be a thrilled Disney enthusiast.

Pick up The Imagineering Pyramid and add it to your Disney library; you won’t be disappointed. It’s one of the better titles from Theme Park Press and shows how passionate Lou is about the subject.

Have you read The Imagineering Pyramid? How have you added Disney creativity to your life?

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