Follow Me, The Amateurs Vol.2 by Sara Shepard

follow me the amateurs by sara shepard

Follow Me, The Amateurs Vol.2 by Sara Shepard

Follow Me is the second book in the Amateurs series by Sara Shepard. Shepard is the author of the Pretty Little Liars series, which is not my normal genre, but I really enjoyed The Amateurs. My interest was piqued and I wanted to find out what happened with Seneca, Maddox and the rest of the crime-solving gang.

I can’t give away too much of the plot, but the group from book one is on the trail of another mystery related to the serial killer from the first book. Just like the The Amateurs, Follow Me is a page-turner that fans of the podcast Serial or the Making a Murderer documentary on Netflix will love.

follow me by Sara Shepard

The book takes more time to develop the characters and their friendships, which allows us to breathe more and think about the story. The protagonist from the first book seems to be playing a longer cat-and-mouse game with the gang while each of the characters is dealing with revelations and repercussions from the first book. Again, this is a book aimed at the media conscious teen set that enjoys a weaving tale of crime. A more mature reader is more likely to see through some of the plot holes and characters, while many readers will still be enthused.

There wasn’t a lot of heft to the book, but I wouldn’t expect that, either. Shepard offers genuine suspense and she draws you in with just the tiniest glimpses inside the purview of the serial killer, himself. There were many moments that I continued to read the next chapter simply to see what was going to happen to the characters.

Overall, this is a fun book that will entertain and make you want to read the future installments. Ultimately, this is a great beach read that most teens will love.

Title: Follow Me: the Killer You Know, an Amateurs Novel
Author: Sara Shepard
ISBN: 978-148474228-0
Release Date: November 7, 2017

Are you going to read Follow Me? Are you a fan of the Amateurs series?

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