Ten Reasons to Stay at Dollywood’s Dreammore Resort

Ten Reasons to Stay at Dollywood's Dreammore Resort

Ten Reasons to Stay at Dollywood’s Dreammore Resort

After a recent social media gathering at Dollywood, I’ve got Ten Reasons to Stay at Dollywood’s Dreammore Resort for you—as my latest YouTube video. I’ve stayed at Dollywood twice (once as a media guest and once as a paying guest). With both visits, I was floored by the beauty and the amenities. It’s easily comparable to a deluxe resort at Walt Disney World. My first thought was that it had the luxury of the Grand Floridian with the warmth of the Wilderness Lodge; a perfect combination. Plus, the Dreammore Resort is only a short (and free) trolley ride to Dollywood (with seven amazing coasters).

A few of the highlights:

  • spacious rooms;
  • the fluffiest towels;
  • a special resort entrance

Ten Reasons to Stay at Dollywood's Dreammore Resort

The resort is beautiful. It’s an oasis just outside of the overcrowded and congested Pigeon Forge. When you arrive, you’re welcomed with a sense of serenity that permeates every part of the Dreammore Resort.

Ten Reasons to Stay at Dollywood's Dreammore Resort

The pool and recreation area located behind the resort is as beautiful as any other I’ve seen. It’s divided into different areas with plenty of space for families and gatherings. Plus. there’s a butterfly garden!

Ten Reasons to Stay at Dollywood's Dreammore Resort
There are several areas to meet and congregate at Dreammore.

My most recent visit to the Dreammore Resort was as part of a social media influencers meetup. I did stay as a paying guest on an earlier visit and I’ve visited Dollywood multiple times, both as media and as a passholder. Dollywood is one of those rare theme parks that just gets everything right. They have great coasters, family rides, amazing shows and the best food of any theme park. You definitely need to visit Dollywood. The Dreammore Resort might be more expensive that other accommodations in the area, but if you really want to have a great Dollywood vacation, then nothing else makes sense. If you have a family of four staying at Dreammore, then each person gets a Time Saver pass, which is valued at $25.00 per person. That’s a savings of $100 right off the bat.

Have you had a chance to stay at Dollywood’s Dreammore Resort?

One thought on “Ten Reasons to Stay at Dollywood’s Dreammore Resort

  1. Thank you for writing about Dollywood and DreamMore. I strongly feel that more mid-westerners should make an effort to visit Dollywood and DreamMore to see the wonderful experience which is sitting right in our “backyards.” Plus, you have the Great Smoky Mountains to explore minutes from your resort! We have stayed at DreamMore after half a dozen times and we have yet to have a less-than-spectacular experience, and that includes our elevated expectations.

    The watering hole (outdoor pool area) is the perfect amount of shade, diversity, and recreation for families of all sizes and ages. Sunset and nighttime sitting out by the fires or in the barn is so relaxing and scenic. They will have storytellers and park rangers along with s’mores. This spring, the resort has been hosting live music on the lower level of the lobby and it truly brings all the resort guests together. The resort is full of so much heart and sincerity, it allows you and your family and friends to truly slow down and get taken away from daily life.

    Also, it cannot be overstated how accommodating and caring the staff is at DreamMore, even beyond the guest-facing roles. The maintenance and resort cleaning staff does an excellent job keeping the resort neat and clean. Just like Walt Disney World Resort hotels, they are out early in the morning leaf blowing and wiping down the outdoor areas to make them feel refreshed and welcoming. The Song & Hearth meals have been some of the highlights of our stays. The severs now recognize us and make our whole family feel right at home. We are also amazed how much the food selection changes even within a three month window between visits; and it is all always delicious and unique.

    As relatively long-time Walt Disney World Resort fans, Dollywood’s DreamMore Resort provides many of the same resort beats, amenities, quality, and sincerity (arguably more so than WDW hotels). If you are a fan of Walt Disney World or simply if you have a pulse, the Dollywood and DreamMore experience is for you! It is hard not to fall in love with the place and the people once you visit even once.

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