SeaWorld Orlando Shows and Animal Exhibits

seaward orlando shows and animals

SeaWorld Orlando Shows and Animal Exhibits

My first visit to SeaWorld Orlando consisted of just experiencing the roller coasters. For my last visit, I wanted to see the SeaWorld Orlando shows and animal exhibits. I was surprised by how well-produced and fun the shows were.

Check out my video highlighting the shows and animal exhibits of SeaWorld Orlando:

SeaWorld Orlando Shows

There are different several shows throughout the day in the different theaters. Some are geared more towards kids while most of them will be enjoyed by everyone. Clyde and Seamore’s Sea Lion High is the perfect show for the younger set. There’s plenty of humor and slapstick

seaworld orlando shows

One Ocean is the current show featuring the killer whales and the pilot whales in Shamu Stadium. Blue Horizon, in the Dolphin Theater, ended its run a few weeks ago. Blue Horizon was my favorite show, by far.

seaworld orlando shows

Pets Ahoy in the Seaport Theater was a real crowd-pleaser. Rescued dogs and cats perform various tricks.

pets ahoy seaworld orlando

Of course there are many exhibits featuring sea life from all over the world. Many allow you to get up close and some even let you feed the animals. If you want the up-close experiences with the animals, make sure to call in advance to check on the schedule.

seaworld orlando

Have you had the chance to see any of the SeaWorld Orlando Shows and Animal Exhibits?

FTC Disclosure: Media passes were provided by SeaWorld during this visit.

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  1. Not going to lie, its been forever since I have been to sea world and the last time I went, we went to beer school in Sea World San Diego! Ha!
    But I need to go back to either San Diego or Orlando to see the sea lions! Love those guys!`

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