WYWHW: The Main Street Flower Market Postcard

The Main Street Flower Market at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World was one of those moments in time that defined an era. When the Main Street Emporium expanded in 2001, the facades and shops of West Center Street were lost forever. In the late 1990s, Walt Disney World moved further away from the more unique experiences of the Vacation Kingdom of the World and into the more vanilla adventures that we would see in the late 2000s. The proliferation of gift shops and moments designed to take your time and money would be a hallmark of the late Eisner epoch at Disney theme parks. 

Ranting over; enjoy this postcard of the Flower Market from Main Street and remember a simpler time with flowers and polka dots. 


In this picture-perfect setting, Mickey has hundreds of brilliantly colored blossoms to choose from as he picks a bouquet for Minnie.

Check out my article at Mice Chat on West Center Street and the shops (Greenhouse Flower Shop, New England Clock Shop, Card Shop and Harmony Barber Shop) that were lost forever.

Did you ever get to visit West Center Street?


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