If You Had Wings at the Magic Kingdom


Ran across this item about If You Had Wings in the June 6, 1972 Eyes and Ears Cast Member Newsletter.

“If You Had Wings,” the Magic Kingdom’s newest attraction sponsored by Eastern Airlines, the official airline of Walt Disney World, has opened in Tomorrowland whisking guests on a magic carpet ride through world-famous vacation resorts.

With a trip time of approximately five minutes, the attraction includes 18 show scenes, 83 motion picture projectors and three 70 mm effect projectors that provide surrounding cinema in two large rooms including a “speed room” where guests experience the sensation of high speed.

Transportation through the attraction is handled by the “Omnimover,” similar to the cars used in the Haunted Mansion.
Capacity for the attraction is between 2,400 and 2,700 per hour.

“If You Had Wings” is a free attraction immediately next to Monsanto’s America the Beautiful.

Official dedication ceremonies are scheduled later this month when a host of Eastern Airlines’ VIPs from major cities fly to the Magic Kingdom for a peek at the five minute round-the-world journey.

I like the last sentence that mentions that he Eastern Airlines’ VIPs will fly to the Magic Kingdom. I wonder if they used the STOLport.

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