Walt Disney World Vacationland Spring 1973 Cover


I love this cover for the Spring 1973 Walt Disney World Vacationland. If you traveled to Walt Disney World in the 1970s and ealry 1980s by car, then you probably ran into a Vacationland at a motel or tourist attraction in Florida, Georgia, Alabama and Louisiana.

Here’s the blurb about the photo:

The excitement of soaring some 300 feet above Walt Disney World with the daring kite fliers in the Water Ski Show was captured by a camera with a special lens mounted on a flier’s kite.. The kite-height view of the Contemporary Resort is unique and, the kite fliers tell us, so is the sensation of sailing through the skis on skis. Undoubtedly. But watching the thrilling show from the audience of the Magic Kingdom Main Entrance is quite a sensation, too. Photo by Carl Frith

I tried to zoom in to see the watercraft, but there just wasn’t enough detail. I betcha money that at least two of them are bob-a-round boats.


One thought on “Walt Disney World Vacationland Spring 1973 Cover

  1. I’ve always loved that pic. It’s not like my dad had a blue-tooth app on his cellphone at the time to take it….. 🙂

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