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I write about books quite a bit. Not only are books my day job, but I have had an underlying passion for the printed word for my entire life. Starting with my first book purchased at Walt Disney World in 1994, I have been collecting any Disney-related books. At first, it was theme park material exclusively. When I started researching the people behind the parks, I found a rich tapestry of animation, film making and Disney Company history. Then my wife caught the bug and has spent a lot of time and effort acquiring some of the incredibly rare and valuable titles.

Shelf one of my theme park-related titles.
Shelf two of my theme park-related titles.
Shelf three of my theme park-related titles.
Shelf four of my theme park-related titles. Notice that they are mostly guide books.
This shelf starts the “rest of the collection.” It includes books about the animation, biographies, company, film and social commentary. Shelf one of my general Disney books.
Shelf two of my general Disney books. It includes several scrapbooking-style notebooks that hold ephemera.
Shelf three of my general Disney books. Mostly notebooks containing ephemera: maps, napkins, magazines, brochures and many other items that defy classification. I have many years of the Disney Magazine and a complete run of The E-Ticket.
Shelf four of my general Disney books.
Shelf five of my general Disney books.
Shelf six of my general Disney books.
Shelf seven of my general Disney books.
Shelf eight of my general Disney books.

Well, there you have it: twelve shelves dedicated to Disney. As of this posting, I have 452 titles in my collection. There are some duplicates, mind you. I do have a shelf of duplicate titles, which accounts for 49 of the total count. I don’t usually post self-aggrandizing articles, but I get a lot of questions about my collection and how it is organized. The books are in strict alphabetical order by the title on the spine (discounting A, AN and THE, of course). I chose to organize them into two sections: theme parks and everything else! Otherwise, it would be difficult to create distinctions between some subject headings and others.

A special thanks to my dad for helping me build the shelves. Actually, all I did was hold the lumber and handed him the necessary tools.

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6 thoughts on “My Disney Library

  1. Very nice. Thanks for sharing! Now I can see what titles I’m missing and should look for. I have way more Theme Park books than general Disney books.

  2. Thanks for sharing your collection…it makes my dozen or so Disney books seem much more sane 🙂 That being said, as a trained librarian, I find owning personal books to be physically painful and wasteful – so finding so many Disney books that are worth owning as reference material is really something. I love Randy Bright’s Disneyland an Inside Story that I see in your first picture. One of my other favorites is one of the early Disneyland annuals by Marty Sklar. I had the great pleasure of meeting Marty, and he was impressed to see my moldy, old copy . I was a bit embarrassed when I had to inform him that I got it on Amazon, and it wasn’t an inherited family treasure.

  3. Lindsay.

    I am a librarian, too! I agree with your sentiment of not buying many books. The only ones that we purchase are Disney-related. Otherwise, I ask my collection manager to order them for my library.

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