Geek-end Update: January 19, 2008

Ray has a great post about Quality over at Grumpy’s Hollow. What is interesting is that he doesn’t directly mention us. Go figure!

A different Andy (from the Backside of Water) has a great detail on his site: you’ve ridden the TTA, but what about the MTA? He also has another post concerning a certain sign at the Polynesian that is not quite centered.

John Frost from the Disney Blog points us the 2007 Disney Annual Report. Thanks, John! He also shares a map of areas that a Russian Pavilion could be placed in World Showcase at Epcot.

The Ghost Relations Dept. has some great shots of the ironwork on the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland.

Major Pepperidge has some cool shots from the Skyway at Disneyland from 1957 over at Gorillas Don’t Blog.

Jessica (the unofficial Taylor sister) has a rare shot of the caged Lou and his better half. Make sure you’ve added her blog to your daily read.

Outside the Berm has a scan of the Nature’s Wonderland insert from 1960. Very cool.

Blogging pal Richard at Photos from the Parks has done another great post mixing stories and pictures. This time he talks about ambient storytelling.

D.O.C. shares information about Disney Legend and animator Jack Hannah (Go, Donald!) and another post about the amazing Claude Coats!

Vintage Disneyland Tickets has a post with some uber-cool Start Tours merchandise from the opening at Disneyland. There is another post with a shot of Walt and Lilian on vacation in 1935.

Jack Spence, from the World According to Jack, sends out a reminder about the change in the Disney Dining Experience.

Honor from Blue Sky Disney does a great Where Are They Now? post on some much, uh, disliked (and some liked) ex-Disney employees. He also presents a great look at Steve Jobs, Disney’s largest shareholder, and the power he has at Disney.

Of course, mad props must go out to our friend Doc Terminus (Glenn) at Passamaquoddy. Bringing us news of small-town life is priceless: Broken Monorail and The BassPass System.

Progressland, a newer blog, has just done a post entitled Remembering Roger. There are some great detail shots–current and historical.

Over at MouseExtra, Dave shares a post about the architectural influence of everyone’s favorite Mansion in Orlando.

How many times have you had THIS conversation with someone? DisneyDean at My Disney Blog shares a great story.

The New Fantomorrontierstreet Land Vid Blog wins our award for most original name (Sorry Glenn, Foxx, Jeff and Jessica)–simply because we’re not sure how to pronounce it. Nonetheless, there is a great post celebrating a visit to 1988.

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