Daily Figment 116: It’s a Mongello World After All!

I just finished listening to Lou Mongello’s Audio Guide to Walt Disney World: Main Street USA.

There are plenty of books that Andrew and I want to recommend for your Disney Geeks’ Wish List, but when I listened to this, I knew I needed to tell everyone about it. You definitely need to buy this for yourself (and your best friends) for Christmas.
I consider this Audio Guide to be one of the best ways to virtually explore the park. Imagine having the author of two Walt Disney World trivia books give you a personal guided tour. Lou starts at the entrance to the Magic Kingdom, takes us through the Railroad Station and into the Town Square. All the while, Lou talks about the details, the stories and the little things that make Main Street USA such an amazing place. You learn the back stories of shops, the reasons behind the names and why Main Street USA looks like it does.
The Audio Guide clocks in at just under two hours (slightly longer than his weekly show) and you will love every second of it. The Audio Guide follows the same philosophy behind the WDW Radio Show. Lou wants nothing more than to help you have a great vacation. He shares the little details with you in hopes that you will slow down a bit, look up and take in everything around you.

If you’re still not convinced that you need this CD, think of it as an extended DSI that you can use while you plan your vacation, workout, commute or even share it with your family (but you should buy them a separate copy). Or whenever you need some Vitamin M.

My nine year-old thought that the Audio Guide was cooler than a map and it would help us get around faster. When we were listening to it on the way home from school, I had to keep pausing it to discuss what Lou was talking about. Lou’s description of Marceline caused us to spend time talking about Walt’s early life and why Main Street looks like it does.
Lou presents so many details in the Audio Guide that you will have to listen to it more than once.
Head over to Lou’s site to purchase your copy (or bug him to purchase one at MouseFest). I already have it loaded onto my MP3 player for the drive down to MouseFest next week.

I also wanted to point out something cool about the artwork. Our good friend Jeff Pepper, at 2719 Hyperion, created the artwork for the CD. Not only is he Lou’s sidekick and Dreamboy, but he is a very talented graphic artist. He also created our very cool logo at the top of our page. Jeff rocks!

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