Book Update: The Art of Walt Disney

The Art of Walt Disney World: From Mickey Mouse to the Magic Kingdom by Christopher Finch is one of the classic Disney books that gets revised fairly often. You have to be careful if you go to purchase one, since there are so many different types of editions. The newest edition to my collection is the Concise Edition. It is only 160 pages, whereas the revised edition is 506 pages.

What I like about the book is that it is a good introduction to the Walt Disney Company and the major areas of entertainment through the years. Animation, live-action, television and the theme parks are all covered.

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3 thoughts on “Book Update: The Art of Walt Disney

  1. I was going to say… this is another weird one with LOTS of editions… It seems like for several of the releases there was a full-sized and concise edition. I recently got a version (full-sized) from the early 80’s which is simply a reprint of the 1973 edition in its entirety, so be aware when shopping. I think now the book is on its fourth full edition?

    I prefer the earlier editions, as there’s more park information for the era I’m fascinated with, as well as some blue sky stuff on the Disney Village that never came to pass. The newer editions are shorter and just seem content to ditch some of the earlier works to focus on glossy publicity stills from the post-1989 features.

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