Daily Figment 43

daily_figment_02John Frost, over at The Disney Blog, has initiated a birthday contest for all of his readers: answer the questions, put a link to his blog and e-mail him when it is posted. Of course, the Disney Geeks have answered the call (even though Grumpwurst beat us to it here and here)!

Oh, yeah. You can win one of three really cool prizes.

  1. Have you ever celebrated your birthday at a Disney theme park? If so, tell us about it.
    Nope. I have not had the opportunity to visit during August. But I will celebrate each member of my family’s birthday as the years pass.
  2. What is your favorite or most useful tip for guests of Disney’s theme parks?
    Read. Whether it is your favorite guidebook (ding), blog, or forum. Read, read, read. Also, don’t hesitate to contact people that write blogs and post in forums. They are people just like you and me, but with a little more theme park experience. (I should add that you should listen, too. Lou; Eric & Dan; Nathan, Tim and Jackie O. But reading is way more important and it is fundamental.)
  3. What is your favorite Disney theme park attraction or show and why?
    I will need to answer theme park attraction and show. Splash Mountain is my favorite (with the Haunted Mansion and Star Tours coming up close). Splash is one of those perfect rides. Great theming throughout (even the queue), incredible music and wonderful show elements. Plus, everyone remembers the first time they saw the Zip-A-Dee Lady. Talk about the ultimate finish.
    For shows? Gosh. I really love Mickey’s Philharmagic but the winner is Muppet Vision 3D, flippers down. Why? Best. Pre-show. Ever. Seriously. Muppets and Disney. Probably the only thing better is Star Wars and Disney. Oh wait; Star Wars, Muppets and Disney. Now, that would rock.



By the way, if The Disney Blog is not on your daily Disney to-do, it should be. John writes one of the best Disney blogs for news, original content and links to other great Disney-related blogs. You have no idea how excited I was the first time I made it into one of John’s Morning Roundups. Besides, he is super nice!

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