Disney Geeks: Bringing the Magic Home

We stayed at Disney’s Old Key West Resort in May of 2004.

Every morning (and afternoon) we would cross over Peninsular Rd. to get to the Hospitality House and the bus stop.

Right at the intersection, there was a ground cover that smelled amazing. I looked forward to the smell in the mornings and the afternoon. It came to be a portent of the day. Once we smelled the flowers, we knew we on our way to another exciting day at a theme park.

I raved about the flowers so much, that my mom tracked down the flower at our local Lowe’s Home Improvement. I called the Old Key West front desk and asked if this was the flower. They transferred me to a voice mail and I left a message for a horticultural specialist at Walt Disney World.

A few days later, I received a voice mail telling me that the plant was a Confederate Jasmine.

We found the plants at Lowe’s and put them in planters right next to our deck.

The smell will hit me and take me back instantaneously to Old Key West.


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