Skyleidoscope and Dreamfinder?

Do you remember Skyleidoscope?

Did you know that Dreamfinder was part of this daytime spectacular in the World Showcase Lagoon?

From the October 11-25, 1985 Walt Disney World NEWS is a blurb about Skyleidocope at EPCOT Center:

Walt Disney World News Cover

Skyleidoscope a Splash Hit: Thousands Agree!

EPCOT CENTER – Skyleidoscope, the magical million-dollar sky-and- water spectacular at Epcot Center’s World Showcase Lagoon, has been launched the past few weeks amid excited choruses of oohs and ahhs!

Florida residents and out-of-state visitors alike gather around the la- goon each weekend afternoon at 3 p.m. to watch in amazement as Sky- leidoscope transforms the 45-acre lagoon into magical ribbon, smoke and fireworks!

Skyleidoscope image from Walt Disney World News article 1985
Big crowds line the World Showcase Promenade at 3 p.m. every Saturday and Sunday for the spectacular performance of Skyleidoscope, Disney’s new air and water show featuring ultra light airplanes, SurfJets, spinning dragons, sailboats, speedboats, an 85-foot blimp, balloons, birds and fireworks.

The popular star of Skyleidoscope is Dreamfinder from Kodak’s “Journey into Imagination.” This red-bearded aeronaut takes to the sky in a brilliant yellow airship equipped with a preposterous assortment of mechanical gadgetry to build rainbows, of all things. But by and by, Dreamfinder finds himself leading an attack against a dozen sinister water-winged dragons!

Making Magical Rainbows

Crowds around the lagoon as more than 70 whirling and sailing craft, plus a flying armada of ultra-lights, repel the dragon invasion and proceed to create magical rainbows.

Light airplanes create magical rainbows during Skyleidoscope at Epcot Center.

Skyleidoscope is an extravaganza bursting with action and song, and a splash hit billowing with rainbows of silk and smoke. There’s no other show like it anywhere in the world!

Skyleidoscope begins each Saturday and Sunday at 3 p.m., so get to your favorite World Showcase vantage point. See for yourself why there’s so much excitement in the air—and in the water.

Bonus Dreamfinder Airship Image!

The header for the October 1985 Walt Disney World NEWS features a fairly ornate image that pays tribute to Skyleidoscope. You can see the ultralights, boats, fireworks, and surf jets (think jet ski) pulling dragon tails. But check out the word NEWS.

Buried in the very artistic header for the Walt Disney World News is a hidden Dreamfinder airship,

Dreamfinder airship Skyleidoscope

Pretty neat tribute, right?

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