Let’s Take a Ride on the Magic Kingdom Skyway in 1997!

let's take a trip on the magic kingdom skyway

Let’s Take a Ride on the Magic Kingdom Skyway in 1997!

The Skyway at the Magic Kingdom was an opening day attraction and operated until November 10, 1999. The Skyway traveled about 4 miles per hour and reached an average height of 60 feet. Not the most thrilling attraction, yet it was a favorite due to the different perspective that it offered of the Magic Kingdom. There were two stations and you could take a one-way trip from Fantasyland to Tomorrowland or vice-versa.

I rode the Skyway during multiple trips and was able to take a handful of photos in September of 1997. Remember kids, this was before digital cameras and it cost money to develop each photo.

Magic Kingdom Skyway Video

Did you get a chance to ride the Skyway?

Check out these 1985 images from the Skyway!

3 thoughts on “Let’s Take a Ride on the Magic Kingdom Skyway in 1997!

  1. I am in the process of digitizing all of my old Disney videos. I have about 300 hours worth of non-digital and will eventually be be posting the best of them on youtube. On one video my wife and I were on the Skyway during the fireworks and got that on tape. Now if I can only find that one…..
    Also working my way through 28 TB of post digital videos.

    1. Richard–let me know when you have all of those files ready and I will be happy to help share the news!

  2. Thanks George – It’s a long term process , but staying at home is helping. Some of the more interesting videos include elephants at Epcot , the monorail being towed backwards for repairs , the walkway down from the top of Spaceship Earth during a breakdown , and taking the TTC through Space Mountain during Hurricane Gordon and seeing the lights on and people being helped down via the catwalks. My first trip to WDW was on 7/4/72 , their first year of operation. We stayed at The Contemporary. There was a beach and waves created by machines which are still there today rusting away under the water. You might enjoy the video of our trip around World Showcase from the top of the double decker bus. The trees were just planted , there were no kiosks , and the walkway was Really Wide. My cousin was the first GM of World Showcase. Later he ran Downtown Disney and then ran Adventures By Disney. About ten years ago they bought his contract out in a drawdown that eliminated most of the higher salaried CM’s. Here are some of my youtube videos.









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