George’s Top Five Roller Coasters

Top 5 Favorite Roller Coasters

George’s Top Five Roller Coasters

So, what’s your favorite coaster?

Everyone has their favorite book, song, movie, etc., and we all know that opinions vary. Once someone finds out that you’re a roller coaster enthusiast, they always ask you what your favorite roller coaster is.

It’s a tough question because it changes based on your mood. It will also change depending on how many coasters you’ve ridden or how many amusement parks you’ve visited. Over the past few years, I’ve ridden 120 different coasters, including steel, wood and hybrid, and even a wooden coaster that was almost 100 years old. I definitely have favorites, and I’ve finally made my top 5 favorite roller coasters list!

George’s Top Five Roller Coasters Video


My list of favorite roller coasters are all about coasters that I’d love to ride over and over and have great experiences.

So, there you have my list of favorite roller coasters and why I like them! Did any of them surprise you? Have you ridden any of them?

What are your top five coasters? Leave me a comment and let me know your list!

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