Tropical Style Disney Security Costume and Tiny Pants

I ran across an Eyes and Ears article from 1991 that showed Dick Nunis wearing tiny pants! The longer article stated it was part of an initiative to make the summer time outfits “a fun, cool and professional look!” I wondered where he got the idea for it, since it was obviously inspired by a more Caribbean feel.


During the remainder of the summer our Costuming Department will be fitting a limited number of Security hosts and hostesses with this new “tropical style” costume. Use of the new costume will begin this Sunday, July 15 [1979]. The ladies’ costume will be almost identical in style to the mens’ style shown in the picture and modeled by Security Host Steve Forgy.

Do you remember seeing these uniforms in use?

Here’s the slightly hypnotic image of Dick Nunis in tiny pants…


A new option in the Disney Look has been added for the hot summer months, now through September. Walt Disney World Co. supervisory and office personnel are permitted to wear Bermuda/walking shorts. This optional appearance style is meant to be a fun, cool and professional look.

Have you ever worn tiny pants?

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