How to Get a Lifetime Pass to Walt Disney World!

From the August 30, 1975 Eyes and Ears comes this charming story about Millard C. Jones and his many visits to Walt Disney World.


A new attendance record was set this month in the Magic Kingdom. No, it was not the highest weekly attendance, nor was it the highest single-day attendance, in fact, it was a record for the most visits to Walt Disney World by a single individual. And that individual is none other than Mr. Millard C. Jones … called simply Mr. Jones by hundreds of cast members. On Friday, August 8, Mr. Jones made his 300th visit to the Magic Kingdom.

Now for those of you who have not had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Jones, let’s introduce him to you. Mr. Jones, who hails from Lakeland, is in mis mid-80’s and started visiting the Park shortly after we opened. Since then, at the rate of two or three visits per week, he has hit the 300th mark … and plans on visiting another 300 times. Of course we couldn’t let all of this go un-noticed, so on his 100th visit, he was presented with a bronze plaque making him an honorary citizen of Walt Disney World and a lifetime pass. On his 300th visit last Friday, he was “suckered” down to the Main Street break area where a surprise party awaited him, put on by his friends here.


Mr. Jones is always recognizable by his brown hat (yearround) and his Rolleiflex camera slung over his shoulder. On his visits, he keeps his “rollei” busy snapping pictures of the employees working in and around the Park. Then on his next visit, he brings a color print of them “on the job.” The cost? Nothing to the employee, because [sic] Mr. Jones pays for everything. He told us that his picture taking is a hobby and personal pleasure.

Well, Mr. Jones has made thousands of friends over the years and we all want to say “Happy 300th Visit” … and we hope to see him for 300 more.

After doing a little but of digging, Millard was awarded the bronze plaque and the lifetime pass on January 4, 1974. He would end up making his 500th visit on June 15, 1978

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