Restaurantosaurus Book Update 04

Our final look at some of the books that we found at Restaurantosaurus has some real winners. Previous Restaurantosaurus book updates can be found here, here and here.Let’s look at some of the titles:

  • David Iridiumfield
  • First Year Primer of Literary Kritosaurus
  • A Confederacy of Darwins
  • Beak House
  • Allosaurus in Wonderland
  • Desire Under the Cycad
  • Desire Under the Stratum
  • East of Edmonton
  • Camelotia
  • Cretaceous Park

That is all we found in this series. There were so many other books located throughout Restaurantosaurus–unfortunately, they were real! I laugh every time I read a Confederacy of Darwins.

My other favorites are: East of Edmonton, 1984 B.C., Count Dracopelta, Buried Treasure Island, Atlas Coposaurus Shrugged, The Lizard of Oz, Driving Miss Daspletosaurus, and The Asteroid Also Rises.

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