Restaurantosaurus Book Update Part 02

We shared a few of the selections of the titles we found on a shelf at Restaurantorous in last week’s post. There were a few more books on the next side of the same shelf.

Just as a reminder, Restaurantosaurus is in theDinoland, USA section of the Animal Kingdom park. A majority of the books we found were yard sale finds or library discards. They all shared the same themes of dinosaurs (go figure) and science.

Enjoy…and don’t try to find any of these titles at your local public library.

Here are the titles in question:

  • Count Dracopelta
  • The Ice Age Cometh
  • Don Gone
  • Buried Treasure Island
  • Dinosaur Farm
  • Atlas Coposaurus Shrugged
  • The Lizard of Oz
  • Gunga Dig
  • Driving Miss Daspletosaurus

If the real titles the Imagineers allude to don’t ring a bell, let me know and I can help!

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