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We had an e-mail question from a reader over the weekend about the changes that Toy Story Midway Mania will bring to Disney’s Hollywood Studio. Her concerns included hitting the big three attractions first and what would be the best order for the first part of the day.

I haven’t had the fortune of experiencing the attraction, yet, but I know a lot of people that have (Jessica? Lou? Ray? Glenn? Jeff?). Plus, I know that a lot of the Imaginerdlings out there have ridden it and know more about the ins and outs of the traffic.

I’m heading to Disney World for a week in August, and I was wondering how the opening of Toy Story Mania changed your park route. Generally I head straight to Tower of Terror and Rockin’ Rollercoaster and fast pass one while I wait on line for the other. Should I try to get over to Toy Story Mania first and work my way towards the front of the park now? How is the line for the new attraction?

So, now I ask you, what should she do? Head to TSMM first and get a FastPass and then head to Tower and Rock’n’Roller? Or is there a better plan for seeing the park and the big three attractions?

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7 thoughts on “Toy Story Mania Reader Question

  1. My wife and I were at DHS over the 4th. Here’s what we did and it worked great.
    1. Go straight to TSM at opening and get a fast pass.
    2. Ride Tower of Terror – its a walk on first thing in the morning.
    3. If the standby line on RnRC is over 30 minutes, ride the single rider line. You will walk on.

  2. Until the novelty wears off, I recommend hitting TSMM for a Fast Pass at rope drop. By mid-morning/early-afternoon all the FP will be gone. So if you want to avoid multiple waits in the stand-by queue, a FP is a must.

    You will want to ride TSMM multiple times on your visit, if just to improve your score. Single Rider Queue (SRQ) is not always a time saver either. The wait there can easily be 1 hour.

    I am usually able to get a FP for TSMM, and then three or four FP for TZ:TOT throughout the day as the demand for that attraction’s FP is reduced by the increase in demand for TSMM.

    If you don’t want to SRQ RnRC, then I would just alternate FPs at TZ:TOT and RnRC the rest of the day once TSMM FPs are SO. FP for other DHS attractions are pretty much useless with careful time management. (Can I fit anymore acronyms in up there?)

  3. I went on it in June – the line was 110 minutes long. I got in the single rider line and was on within 5, but I missed the Mr. Potato Head animatronic. I’d recommend doing it first thing in the morning, before the others.

  4. Currently, Mania is the attraction du jour… Deservingly so in my opinion. My current park planning consists a bee-line to TOY STORY fast pass machine, followed by waiting on line for my first go on the ride. Then, depending on the fast pass time I either hang out there or head over to Sunset for RnR or ToT.

    Either way… its a good time…

  5. I am a Disney fan, but even I had to take great time to translate the preponderance of acronyms that exist in the above paragraphs. I need a “tardis” so I can understand without a translator.

  6. One thing my family and I noticed during our recent June trip was that they were in the habit of often overstating wait times, especially in the later evening hours. On at least three occasions, TSMM had wait times posted between 100-120 minutes and the wait was actually less than 30 minutes. We got in the habit of taking a peek inside the building to see just how full the queue actually was.

  7. wow. thank you so much for posting my question next-day! and thank all of you for your advice! my plan will probably go as follows:

    1. go straight to TSM and get a fast pass
    2. ride toy story many while waiting for said fast pass
    3. go and get a rockin rollercoaster fast pass
    4. ride tower of terror
    5. do everything else in the park

    plus, we’re staying to see fantasmic for the first time! i’m pretty excited about that.

    thanks again.


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