Daily Figment 148: Restaurantosaurus Book Update 03

We continue our look at the books that we found at Restaurantosaurus at the Animal Kingdom. You can find the book updates we did for part 1 and part 2 from last week. We happened to catch more of these not so real titles on another shelf.

  • Captains Cretaceous
  • Dinos In Love
  • A Dino for All Seasons
  • 1984 B.C.

Once again, we point you to some of the smaller details that go into the parks. Keep your eyes open. You never know what you will find. For me, I am amazed that the Imagineers were able to pour so many details into Restaurantosaurus. Someone had to make the book covers, in addition to creating the titles. Wow.

For those interested in the smaller details, we believe the shot glasses were probably brought by some of the Grad students working at the Dino Institute. There are two from Utah and one from Niagara Falls, Charleston and New Mexico.

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