Daily Figment 149: I know Why the Caged Lou Runs…*

Jessica posted the first picture of Lou and Deanna at the finish line for the WDW half marathon that took place on Saturday, January 12. Nerdy Boys’ friend (and part-time stalker 😉 ), Lorilovestigger was at the marathon to support Lou and sent us these pictures to post. Lori said she had a great time and even watching the marathon was exciting. She is debating whether to run the 2009 half marathon.

Deanna and Lou run through Main Street, USA at the Magic Kingdom. Lou is smiling because he didn’t miss any of the details for his Audio Guide.

Why do I hear We are the Champions in the background?

Dr. Scopa checking Lou’s pulse at the finish-line. Yes, he is still alive!

Lou’s adoring fans at the after-the-half-marathon-meet. All 10 of them. Maybe the little one was a fan, but it is hard to tell from this angle. She (?) looks like she is asleep.

Congratulations, Lou!

If you haven’t picked up a copy of of his Audio Guide to Main St. USA…do it now! You will love it. It is an 80-minute dose of Vitamin M!

*The Maya Angelou reference is simply due to Jessica’s picture of Lou and Deanna from behind the chain-link fence.

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2 thoughts on “Daily Figment 149: I know Why the Caged Lou Runs…*

  1. No more debating about it. I am doing the 1/2 marathon next year. Keep an eye out on the disneyworldtrivia forums. I’m going to be coming up with a team name soon. Now if I can only get these Nerdy Boys to do it with me. Come on guys-I plan on doing it for charity! Anyone else want to join me?

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