Daily Figment 130 – Looking Back 02

I‘ve gone through our postings to find some more of our earlier gems for you (ed. note: gems? Who writes this?). Thanks to everyone that left us some comments–it really means a lot to us.

Daily Figment 08: Orson Scott Card & Ratatouille
Andy posted a quote from a review that my favorite sci-fi writer, Orson Scott Card, wrote about Ratatouille.

Daily Figment 10 – John Hench Designing Disney
I take a look at an amazing work by the late John Hench, Disney Legend and design expert. He wrote this book in 2003. It is a stunning work that goes into great detail about designing the theme parks. If you can find a copy, snag it!

Daily Figment 26: East vs. West
Ever notice the differences between the East and West side of Future World at EPCOT?

Daily Figment 27: Splash Mountain Tradition

Who did we call this year at MouseFest? Each other and Ray!

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2 thoughts on “Daily Figment 130 – Looking Back 02

  1. I have been searching for a reasonably priced copy of the John Hench book. I passed on it years ago when it was available at The Art of Disney store and now I regret that decision. Oh, and this is leaving some Disney Geek love. You like comments, I like comments, we all like comments.

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