Christmas Book Update

I didn’t expect to receive such a large set of books from Santa this year. I did get 11 new books and 3 older copies of the E-Ticket Magazine.


I am really looking forward to digging into these books and getting up reviews as soon as possible! I am looking forward to the biography of Roy Disney called Building A Company.

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7 thoughts on “Christmas Book Update

  1. I’ve read a few of these – Walt in Wonderland is very nice. I quickly lost paitence with Multiculturalism and the Mouse; if you want REAL good stuff of that variety proceed directly to Tinker Belles and Evil Queens. From Walt to Woodstock has a pretty flimsy thesis, but it has the right message. I didn’t like it much however. Babes in Tomorrowland looks awesome! Haven’t read it yet however…

  2. I’m looking forward to the reviews – there are several in that stack that I haven’t read and a few that I hadn’t seen before. I picked up 3 Disney titles myself, so while nowhere near you I still have some reading to do.

    The Roy bio is fairly interesting as I recall; nothing Earth-shattering but I was just glad he got some recognition.

  3. Foxx–thanks for the comments on the books. At this point, I am getting whatever I can and sorting it out later. I have seens too many Disney-related books go sky-high.

    Tangaroo–I am trying! It is definitely an addiction.

  4. I had the mountains book which I’ve been dipping in and out of – I’ve not heard of most of these so am looking forward to your reviews.

    I think I may too start picking them up when they are released as they seem to be discontinued quickly and then cost ridiculous amounts of $$

  5. Blogdisney–thanks for the heads up! It does look pretty good.

    Mrs. S–it seems like the official Disney titles are the ones that escalate in price. Vinyl Leaves is a great title that is out-of-print (oop), but you can still find cheap copies. But the large format books like the Disney Mountains and Hench’s books do go oop and the prices sky-rocket.

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