Daily Figment 65 — Epcot Future World

While entertainment will continue to be a highly visible attraction of Epcot Center, it is the underlying educational value of Future World that is its most important contribution. Exciting, amusing, and fascinating as each pavilion is in itself, it is but an element of a project that may well be viewed as a springboard to our discovery of new worlds.

–p. 39 Walt Disney’s Epcot Center,1982.

We’ve used this quote before, but with EPCOT’s 25th Anniversary rapidly approaching, we wanted to bring it up again. Also, it also has a really cool picture on the fold.

The Mexico pavilion begins to take shape. At its entrance will be a waterfront restaurant and an imposing pyramid temple, which leads to the rest of the enclosed pavilion. The workmen here are watering the newly planted shrubbery. Across the lagoon, construction workers on the summit of Spaceship Earth prepare the framework to receive the final covering of aluminum “skin.” –p. 38

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One thought on “Daily Figment 65 — Epcot Future World

  1. I always enjoy the construction pictures. It keeps it all in perspective. What a grand accomplishment to have a legacy of both engineering and service superiority.

    Strive to be like Walt.

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