Daily Figment 30 – Dick Nunis

The Windows on Main St, USA at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World are a source of pleasure for any Disney Geek. How many normal vacation goers ever take a look up (or as Jeff says, “Look down!”) and even notice the names, slogans and tributes.

Walt started the tradition of honoring and thanking cast members that helped to create Disneyland. The tradition moved to the other Magic Kingdom style parks throughout the years.

The first window I wanted to look at was the one for Dick Nunis. His resume reads like a dream. Can you imagine being part of the Disney theme park experience from the beginning? Or being the responsible for over 50,000 cast members? I can dream it.

He was hired in 1955 by Van France and the two of them began what would become the Disney Traditions training that all cast members received. In 1961, he was promoted to director of park operations. Walt tapped him to work on Project X (what we now call Walt Disney World) and in 1971, he was named executive vice-president of Disneyland and Walt Disney World. 1980 saw him promoted to president of the Outdoor Recreation Division (volleyball, anyone?) .

He retired on May 26, 1999.

44 years, exactly.

My question to you? What do you think the Turkish Baths stands for?

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