Bothan Spy Report

One would hope that Honor Hunter’s Bothan spies didn’t die for this information.

Honor has another great Blue Sky Alert. This time it is about Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure. If half of what Honor writes actually comes true, I will be splitting my time between Disneyland and Walt Disney World.

E-tickets, hotels and DVC. Oh my!

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3 thoughts on “Bothan Spy Report

  1. I already split time between the two parks.

    But, I concur, if half of what is being reported, I’ll be more excited to go to Disneyland on those trips that send me to the West Coast

  2. Be patient oh god of Books.

    You never know, a discount airfare may show up making it not so expensive to fly there.

    Don’t forget there is a rumor of the wonder DVC setting up shop over there so you wouldn’t have to worry about resort accommodations like you would if you went now

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