The Great Get-Together Walt Disney World Golf Classic

The Great Get-Together Walt Disney World Golf Classic from 1974

Golf is synonymous with early Walt Disney World. The Walt Disney Productions executives were golf fanatics and spent many hours on the greens at The Golf Resort. The Walt Disney World Golf Classic began in 1971 and lasted until 2012 when the sponsor decided not to renew. The sponsorship changed throughout the years and included: Oldsmobile; National Car Rental; Funai; Wal-Mart; and Children’s Miracle Network.

The Disney News from Fall 1974 offers this fantastic advertisement on the back page of the magazine about the 1974 Walt Disney World Golf Classic. The image is stunning, especially for the time period and it predates the fan-led Dapper Days.

advertisement for the 1974 Walt Disney World Golf Classic

The Great Get-Together

The 1974 Walt Disney World Golf Classic…where great golf combines with the great traditions of Disney…to present the most unforgettable Tournament of the PGA Season.

This year’s Classic is designed to be a grand ocĀ­casion for players and spectators alike…from the Twin Pro Ams, featuring prominent celebrities on the magnificent Magnolia and Palm Course fairways…to the grand finale of the 1974 circuit…the specĀ­tacular $250,000 National Team Championship…the only competition of the year when pairs of PGA Professionals get together and play as a team.

Join in the spirit of this great event…from the first drive…to the final putt…when the Classic Title will top off a week of exciting golf…at Walt Disney World!

Again this year…the Hughes Television Network will televise the exciting action on Saturday, November 2, from 4-5 p.m. Eastern Time, and on Sunday, November 3, from 4-5 p.m. Eastern Time. For ticket information, write…Walt Disney World Golf Classic Admission Office, Post Office Box 40, Lake Buena Vista, Florida 32830.

The add also included three stock images, including the one featuring Jack Nicklaus who won the first three Walt Disney World Golf Championships.

This is an odd photo. It’s not staged and doesn’t have the professionalism of later photos. But it’s still, it’s a great shot of the Golf Resort.

Jack Nicklaus accepts a large trophy from Mickey Mouse while Tigger looks on jealously.

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