The Art of Disneyland Video Review!

The Art of Disneyland Video Review!

The Art of Disneyland is a much sought after book by collectors and fans. Published in 2006 to help celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of Disneyland, the book flew under the radar and was only sold at the park at first. Eventually, it made its way to the second-hand markets (like amazon) and the price skyrocketed. I’ve seen it go as high as $400.00, but recently, it’s been around $125.00.

cover for the art of disneyland by jeff kurtti and bruce gordon

What Makes The Art of Disneyland So Special?

At the time of publication, much of the concept artwork and paintings had never been seen before. The presentation by Kurtti and Gordon left fans and enthusiasts stunned. The only book to come close is the sister publication: The Art of The Walt Disney World Resort.

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Do you own this title? What is your favorite Disneyland book?

From my 2007 review of the book:

The Imagineering roll call is inspiring: Ken Anderson, Claude Coats, Mary Blair, John Hench, Harper Goff, Marc Davis, Peter Ellenshaw, Sam McKim, Herbert Ryman and so many more. Seeing all of this artwork in one place, by so many different artists, is like having a conversation about what Disneyland might have been. But then we actually know how it turned out. Most of the artwork is so true to what was developed, though. If you have ever spent any time at Disneyland, you will enjoy this book.

concept artwork for a proposed indiana jones attraction at disneyland with a mine ride, vehicle ride and the jungle cruise.

Yes, this is concept art from The Art of Disneyland. It features a large show building with a runaway mine cart ride (like Temple of Doom), a version of the current Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Forbidden Eye, and a section or two in which the Jungle Cruise can be seen. This would have changed the landscape of theme parks forever!

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